Sony to release “My Xperia” dashboard after trials.


Sony has been stepping up their game since the announcement of their new flagship devices – Xperia Z and Xperia ZL in CES last month. Today, they’ve announced that they’ve begun trial on a new mobile tracking service called “My Xperia” in Nordic countries. However, Sony has confirmed that this service will gradually roll-out to Xperia devices worldwide later this year.

“My Xperia” is basically a service that helps you locate and protect your smartphone, be in stolen or left behind on a cab. This is essentially Sony’s version of “Find My iPhone” from Apple. Much like “Find My iPhone”, “My Xperia” is an application installed in one’s device, enabling users to locate and find your lost Xperia devices. In addition, you can view the location of your smartphone on a map which is useful when your smartphone has gone missing.

Alerts can also be sent to the smartphone, making it ring at full volume even if the device has been set to silent mode. This feature has been proven to be much of a service especially when location a device that was misplaced. However, this could prove to be annoying to thieves as it’ll draw much attention to them – nothing to be worried about as long as you’re not stealing an Xperia device.

Fortunately, “My Xperia” doesn’t lack in the privacy department either, allowing users to lock and display a message on the device – just-in-case a good Samaritan finds the device, or maybe the thieves had a change of heart.

Meanwhile, when all hopes seem lost, protecting private data is the last thing to do when your smartphone has been stolen or misplaced. You could apply more drastic measures should you require it, such as erasing the phone’s memory and all the data contained on the microSD expansion card. Overall, Sony is not the first manufacturer in the mobile industry to feature such features in a mobile device, but it is certainly nice to see Sony stepping up their game to attract new users to the Sony camp – considering how most users are going pro-Android after a rather disappointing iPhone 5 from Apple.

At the moment, “My Xperia” is currently being put through a series of trials by Sony in Scandinavia. However, it will go on to roll-out to Xperia devices worldwide should trial be concluded.



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