Sony Xperia Z gets splashed in slow-mo.


While many other major device manufacturers chose to skip CES in favor of MWC, Sony took full advantage of CES and unpacked their very own flagship variants – Xperia Z and ZL. This Japanese company, which has struggled to make a name for itself in the highly-competitive high-end Android smartphone market, hit the ball out of the park with their recently announced, upcoming flagship devices – Xperia Z and the Xperia ZL.

Both the recently unveiled flagships are very similar to each other, with the only several major differences being a more compact form factor of the Xperia ZL and the fact that the Xperia Z is dust and water resistant. Knowing many would have trouble deciding between the two devices, Sony has decided to make it easier for potential buyers by showing the advantage of the Xperia Z over the latter in several slow-motion videos called “Xperimentations”, showing the Xperia Z being doused in ink, water and dust. Without a doubt, the device was still working perfectly fine after the show.

Here are some of the videos, be sure to watch them in HD for more Xperia pleasure.




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