PlayStation 4 Streaming Capabilities

Every gamer out there is anticipating the released of the PlayStation 4. There is new news from the Wall Street Journal suggesting that Sony will be unveiling new streaming capabilities for the device this coming Wednesday.

Rumours are that the PS4 will have the ability to stream games for the PS3 over the internet and it doesn’t end there. Recent reports state that Sony started adopting AMD processors with x86 architecture for the PS4 instead of the PS3’s Cell microprocessor, which would make in incompatible with PS3 game discs. This would cloud gaming the only way for backwards compatibility on the PS4.


A recently posted picture of the PS4’s controller revealed some interesting things about the new generation console. The new remote, which will be the Dualshock 4, features a small touchpad between the D-pad and the traditional buttons.  

The prototype controller is a bit rounder and bulkier than its predecessors. Other features include a built-in loudspeaker, integrated PlayStaion Move functionally, and a blue light at the top of the controller.

Sony will probably launch the next PlayStation model in two or three different memory capacities and the $400 price tag most likely applies to the lowest version.  



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