Video gamers are underwhelmed by new PS4

Sony finally unveils their new game console the “PlayStation 4” that will allow users to stream and play video games hosted on servers. It was announced at an invitation-only event in New York on Wednesday.

It is apparent that the new PlayStation 4 will not be able to stream previous PlayStation 3 games. This flaw renders many video game fans on Twitter and live blogs at Wired and the Verge underwhelmed by the released of the new gaming console.

The PlayStation 4 comes with a new pimped-out hardware that the company claims will virtually eliminate the time video game players must wait for their games to load. The company also added a new “share” button on its controller that will let players capture video clips of their game to play to send to friends.

The 8GB PlayStation 4 can also instantly stream game content from the console to Sony’s handheld PlayStation Vita through a feature called “Remote Play,” said the company.

Rumours about the new controller appears to be true when Mark Cerny lead system architect on PlayStation 4 said that the controller dubbed “DualShock 4” will have a touch pad.

Sony did not announce a price or even display the console itself during the 2 hour long event, but did announce in closing that the device will be available around “holiday 2013,” probably just around the corner before Christmas. 




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