Sony Xperia Z Pre-Order Sold Out in Many Markets

Sony Xperia Z  Pre-Order Sold Out

Most of us must remember how and when Sony did launch their latest and yes, one of the best smartphone by the company in many years. The xperia Z and ZL was launched at the International CES held in Las Vegas on the first month of 2013. The Xperia Z is a top of the range smartphone that are capable to rival any other smartphone available in the market. As recent report suggest that the Xperia Z has been selling well and sold out in many markets which is a clear indication that a strong and stiffer competitors has emerged to challenge the likes of Samsung and Apple.

DigiTimes cite the sources in the smartphone supply chain and says Volumes of the 5-inch Full HD Xperia allocated for sale in Japan, France, Germany, Hong Kong and Taiwan were all fully booked on the first day when distributors began to take pre-sale orders in the markets, the sources revealed.”

The Xperia Z which come with a 5-inch full HD Reality Display that delivery an amazing 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution with a Mobile Bravia Engine 2 technology and has a pixel a density of 443ppi. The screen is also made of shatter-proof sheet scratch resistant glass. Both the Xperia Z and his younger siblings the ZL come with a 1.5GHz quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro Processor with Adreno 320GPU.

Both of the smartphone also come with an internal storage of 16GB, 2GB of RAM, a 13.1-megapixel back 2.2-megapixels front facing camera with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Another notable milestone is the Xperia Z is one the first top-end smartphone that is certified as dust and water resistant.

“Sony Mobile aims to ship 50 million smartphones in fiscal 2013 compared to 34 million units shipped in the previous fiscal year, according to a company internal estimate,” reports Digi Times

Rivals smartphone makers are expected to release their flagship handsets soon, which include the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and probably Apple’s next-generation iPhone. If Sony achieves a sales target of 50 million units in 2013, then it may well find itself in the top five smartphone makers.

Rivals smartphone makers are expected to launch their list of flagship device soon which include Samsung S4 (March 14th), HTC One (launched) and Apple’s next generation iPhone. If Sony achieve the initial sales target of 50 million units in 2013, then the company will be truly on its way to become the top five smartphone makers in the world.

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4K Movie downloads for PS4?

Sony announced their new gaming console the “PlayStation 4” not too long ago. It was made apparent that the new gaming console will not be able to stream previous PlayStation 3 game, leaving many video game fans underwhelmed. So what more does Sony has install for the new PlayStation 4?

The PS4 is to collaborate with the “world’s first” 4K movie download service. “I promise you will not be disappointed” said Sony Electronics President and COO Phil Molyneux. This report has certainly clarified previous rumours concerning the PS4 that would be able to support 4K photos and videos, but not games.

The Verge interviewed Molyneux at a Sony event in New York City. Molyneux indicated that typical movie titles would be over 100GB in size, so taking advantage of 4K content will require decent broadband connection and a high data limit.

With file size that large, the quality promises to exceed anything available on Blu-ray today, but for many users a download of that size could take hours. Molyneux was non-committal about the future of Blu-ray mentioning that the whole world is moving toward downloads.  Sounds like a lot of overnight downloading to me.

Quoted from The Verge- “Molyneux was bullshit about the future of online delivery for 4K- he said that he’s personally heading up the download service project, and added that while he was “not discounting” physical 4K distribution on Blu-ray or other media, “the whole world is moving more and more to download.”