Sony SmartWatch 2 has arrives in Europe

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Sony’s SmartWatch 2

Sony smartwatch 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Gear yet iWatch from apple is nowhere to be seen.

These day we’ve got a lot of SmarWatch from big company, since the arrival of Pebble SmartWatch has hit the market followIng a phenomenally successful Kickstarter. The latest one is Samsung Galaxy Gear and now you have a new accoutrement to work in tandem with your smartphone Sony’s Smartwatch.

The Android-based device, announced in June this year, is now on sale $240 (about RM781) with a fancy metal strap, “NFC” connecting to your smartwatch to your smartphones with one touch.

The SmartWatch 2 SW application, which is a free download, will enable the wearable accessory to play nice with other Android smartphones via Bluetooth. You can also receive notification for Facebook, Twitter and Call or text from your SmartWatch. Sony’s claim its twice faster than its predecessor, comes with 1.6-Inch display screen and Sony says you can see clearly even its under the sunshine.

Lets see who’s winning on this battle, Galaxy Gear or Sony’s SmartWatch 2.

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Sony Xperia Z1 Smart Camera

Xperia Z1 in water

Sony Xperia Z1

Why it’s called Sony Xperia Z1 Smart Camera? Nowadays a lot of smartphones have a big Megapixel but no quality, Sony has his own ways. Sony has put first priorities to the new phone Xperia Z1, the phone is large with display screen 5-inch, 20.7-megapixel camera with ½.3” Exmor RS sensor and Sony high-end G Lens.  But not only that, they also launched a lenses that can connect through the phone with one touch. QX10 and QX100, with this lens people will have a new angle to take pictures depends on the users creativity and better photos.

Sony is not the only one who’s pushing phone-camera to the limit. Nokia 1020 Windows Phone has 41-megapixel sensor and lens. Samsung also has a phone-camera called Galaxy S4 Zoom, it’s a phone-camera hybrid. The main thing now, people want good quality photos. Maybe you want a big phablet screen, maybe you want a Stylus Pen for sketching, but still people wants the camera. With Xperia Z1 waterproof exterior maybe you at a school trip or camping and you need to take picture under water, I’m not telling you this is a great phone in the water. There’s a lot phones are waterproof and comes with good quality of picture. But with these lenses, you can get a better picture quality and a new angle with phone-camera, you don’t need to pull out the big camera like “DSLR” because you have the phone and the lens.

What can you expect more? The lenses support not only Android it also support Ios so don’t worry guys. Let’s wait and see till next year how it’ll be use.

This is not a victory for Sony. But at least it’s one step ahead among the others.


[VIDEO] How to use Smart Lenses QX10 and QX100 from Sony

Smart Lenses QX10 and QX100 has been announced and this is a video that show you, how to use it.

What we look from the video. It shows you how to use the lens which is can be connect through your smartphone using an application called Sony PlayMemories, don’t worry iOS users this lens support Android and Ios.

When the trade-show announced, there’s two different models been offered, QX10 and QX100.

sony, qx10, qx100

QX 10 and QX100


1/2.3″ Exmor R CMOS Sensor
18.9MP (18.2MP Effective)
Sony G 9 elements Lens
10X Optical Zoom

1.0″ Exmor R CMOS Sensor
20.9MP (20.2MP Effective)
Carl Zeiss “Vario-Sonnar T” 7 elements Lens
3.6X Optical Zoom

Isn’t easy to use? With one touch your phone to the lenses it’s activated and you can start take pictures. From the video as you can see, you can take pictures whole new ways and creativity depends on the user viewing because the device is not necessary to be attached to your phone.

Rumors said the lenses will hit on Malaysia October but it’s not confirmed yet and the pricing hasn’t be told. But stay tune with us, we will bring you the latest news.

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