Sony SmartWatch 2 has arrives in Europe

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Sony’s SmartWatch 2

Sony smartwatch 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Gear yet iWatch from apple is nowhere to be seen.

These day we’ve got a lot of SmarWatch from big company, since the arrival of Pebble SmartWatch has hit the market followIng a phenomenally successful Kickstarter. The latest one is Samsung Galaxy Gear and now you have a new accoutrement to work in tandem with your smartphone Sony’s Smartwatch.

The Android-based device, announced in June this year, is now on sale $240 (about RM781) with a fancy metal strap, “NFC” connecting to your smartwatch to your smartphones with one touch.

The SmartWatch 2 SW application, which is a free download, will enable the wearable accessory to play nice with other Android smartphones via Bluetooth. You can also receive notification for Facebook, Twitter and Call or text from your SmartWatch. Sony’s claim its twice faster than its predecessor, comes with 1.6-Inch display screen and Sony says you can see clearly even its under the sunshine.

Lets see who’s winning on this battle, Galaxy Gear or Sony’s SmartWatch 2.

For more info clickhere.


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